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2005-07-11 - 11:33 a.m.

Entourage was disappointing. It should be razor sharp, but is more like a butter knife. Sometimes some stuff is funny, but it's not enough for me to deal with the misogyny. I watch and love so many shows that star misogynist characters, but are not as shows hateful towards women. The Office, The Newsroom, Alan Partridge, all that kind of thing. This isn't that. This just seems gross overall. AND I would totally overlook that if it was funnier. There's this offensive storyline with Kevin Dillon dating this woman who is all muscle-y, and therefore mannish and a revolting joke. If that happened to GOB, it would be so hilarious that I wouldn't care about the offensive implications. It's just not funny enough. Have said all that, I am once again going to have to watch this show because a Busey episode is coming up! And Tish said there's more Busey action in the next season! Maybe it'll get better. I'm all in favor of that.

I watched the first 3 eps of Six Feet Under at Tish's house with her crew. I don't know if David and Keith could be more boring. All "how to have a baby" talk. Who cares. When they decided to ask Claire for her eggs, I didn't know what to do with my anger. Because you are so narcissistic that you can't just adopt a kid but need it to look exactly like you, you ask this woman who has done nothing to you to take a needle in her vagina? As well as stopping doing drugs? Um. No. I wish that in order to even ask a woman for that, they had to have needles in their fucking weiners. That is what made me the most mad, I guess. Besides Federico's crazy dealings with women. But I love Billy and Claire. That will be interesting & scary to see explode.

I read half of an Elfriede Jelinek book. I don't think I can do any more. If it was Geoffrey Jellinek, you know I'd read it like ten times in a row.

I would watch that INXS show if they were singing old INXS songs. Wouldn't that make more sense?

Syd's mom is here. She's super nice, and likes to talk about books, and takes us out to good food. Last night I realized Lloyd threw up on my pink stuffed unicorn, and I almost ran out to Sydney to say "LloLlo threw up on Fucker!" Like twice I almost did that. You don't really say that in front of either of our moms. It would totally be LloLlo's fault, though, if I did.

DirecTV? Comcast on Demand? Help.

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