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2005-07-05 - 3:31 p.m.

Jamaica was awesome, dudes. We never do anything when we're there like take trips or see places beyond our cottage and the restaurant we go to, and this time we did! We went on a little excursion with this dude named Clovis (alias Haggler) all around these neighborhoods, which were totally lovely and not tourist-y, and he took us to a neighborhood called Orange Hill which he claims produces the best pot in Jamaica. He used to box, but now is a taxi driver and ganj farmer. He said he guessed from our complexions that we'd be from someplace much farther north than Chicago. He stopped alongside this field where people were gathering for a football match, and asked some stuff, and then drove on and translated for us. Basically he was getting the lowdown on the eats sitch for later on, and said there would be fish tea, but no mannish water. Then he asked if we knew what mannish water is. Syd said "I don't even know what fish tea is." Apparently it's just a fish soup, and mannish water is also a soup, made from goat head and legs. He then added that oh yeah it also includes the "seed sac" and dick. Um. That is way too mannish. He said it's the big thing to make for big Jamaican get-togethers, and while both men and women eat it, it specially helps the men with the ladies.

When we were swimming in the Caribbean, I'd pretend it was the Black Sea because I was reading The Historian and felt Vlad's presence constantly, and Sydney would pretend that we were bobbing in an ocean of mannish water. She never directly said so, but I could tell.

Is it gross that I'm in love with Dr. Perry Cox? Don't be mad. Well, you can be mad - it's gross. I know it is. I can't help. I dreamt he was telling me he's from Detroit and I was telling him he owns my heart. I never liked Scrubs until recently, because I thought since my mom loves it it must be exactly like Frasier.

Back to Jamaica - we learned to play canasta! Oh god, it is so fucking fun!

We also ate a lot of fish and callaloo and fruit, and we drank lots of Red Stripe, and we got seriously a ton of weed and hash and smoked the shit out of it all week. What else. Oh, we read a lot. I read Coraline by Neil Gaiman, which scared me really bad in the middle of the night when I couldn't see Sydney's eyes and I was sure they were going to be buttons. Not a joke, I got really freaked out. Also...Queen of the Slayers, a really good Buffy book that gets crazy at the end. I don't know what else. I've also been writing on my work blog (livejournal.com/users/wcfbooks) and it's weird to write the same entry again. Not really the same. I didn't go so much into smoking the shit out of anything.

What do I do? I hate that show where celebrities try to lose weight more than anything. More than anything, I hate that show. But do I hate it more than I love Gary Busey? Can that be possible? Do I watch it? If I watch it, will you? Will it make me so depressed I hate myself? Or will it make me love myself because Gary Busey is like a huge love light shining upon us all? I mean, his teeth are.

I have to go have my work review right about nowsies.

*perv* *next*

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