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2005-06-06 - 11:44 a.m.

We have weed now. Don't worry. We rented this stuff:

Jackpot. A High Times movie, with Tommy Chong & Jason Mewes appearances. Dude. Just say no to this unwatchable business. I am serious. It is not funny and a lot of times no one on your screen is getting high. The Wonder Years dad is sitting around a table yelling with other mob guys about a suitcase of pot, and Carmine wants a sandwich. The only good part is the Luna Chicks.

Hair Show. Gina Torres and Wanda from Bernie Mac are in it. It's not very good, but if you watch it right after Jackpot you'll feel like it's not so bad. The only good parts are the actual hair show at the end, and everything that comes out of Gina Torres' over the top evil mouth.

Dodgeball. Terribler than terrible. Come the fuck ON. This is bullshit. Give Ben Stiller a sketch show. That is how long his characters are funny for - the length of a sketch. Maybe he can work his way up to another Zoolander. But maybe not. And that is ok. Making a funny sketch show should be awesome enough.

Napoleon Dynamite. I loved every word that came out of his mouth. Along with every tot that came out of his pants.

I really just want to play Scrabble all the time. I like playing with Sydney because we are the same skill level. And we like the same set of rules - THERE ARE NO RULES. Really we just take as long as we want & can look up words in the dict as much as we want. Honest to god I feel like I might go set up the board with 2 sets of letters & go back & forth between the chairs playing both sides. Forever an only child, that's me. I think I can do that with Scrabble, but not with Buffy game. Which is the other board game I want to play constantly lately. Dudes. Give me a Vicodin buzz & a Buffy game and I will do that thing that curly scientist guy did in that Angel ep Happy Anniversary to freeze the moment when he's getting it on with the lady who's sick of him. So I can live for eternity in a moment of triumphant battle.

I forgot - Friday night I saw Kontroll! I loved it! The lead guy was super hot! You should totally see it! Only if you like creepiness though.

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