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2005-07-13 - 3:40 p.m.

Balki's a prevert. Hate him.

I got to pick out the calendar that we'd hang over the desk at work. I thought it'd be funny to pick out the one that's all crazy painted breasts. Who's laughing now (*see answer below). We're all sick of it. We were pretty much all sick of it in January. Next year someone else picks. I did so good last year with Wonder Woman.

There were all these angry letters in TVGuide because your mentor Kelly Ripa said she was "stout" when she weighed...i think the number was 125. I like writing letters to TVGuide about it. That is great. What else could we do? Could we do something that would ruin her? What if everyone who saw her spat food on her? That is totally off the top of my head. You can come up with something way better and we can do it. There are lots of people I'm actually more pissed at than her, but she'll do.

I missed that Don't Be Fat show that Busey was on, but Sydney said apparently he acted crazy. I do not believe her lying mouth for one second. Her lying jealous teeth tell sick fibs. It's sadder than anything.

Everytime I even think the word canasta, I want to play! So bad!!!!

*Not one single person is laughing now.

*perv* *next*

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