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2005-01-05 - 10:31 a.m.

Why does Kal Penn insist on going around saying he doesn't smoke pot & has never seen any Cheechers Chongers movies? God. It makes me feel like when SMG was saying that retarded shit about not being a feminist because she shaves her legs, or whatever that was. It's the writers I really love, always.

I remember on New Years Eve being in my bedroom & everyone yelling about something & I knew I had to change the subject to something more agreeable, so I said "Does everyone hate baby monkeys?" It seemed so safe. Guess what. Everyone doesn't. I mean, I am convinced that people would hate baby mokeys if one was staring them in the face, but I really don't want to go so far as to buy or steal one just to prove that I am right yet again. I don't have to be right ALL the time. I'm more relatable if I'm flawed. A flawed Diamond Geezer.

Why is that Patrcia Arquette show so bad? Not as bad as Tru Calling, but bad enough that I thought of the comparison. Are there people who really liked Buffy except hated the parts where it was feminist & well-written & layered?
Are all these shows for those people? I'll give it another chance, or maybe another 2 chances.

New high score on Galaga today. 110,220. Yeah, no big. Whoops, I mean - FUCKING BIIIIGGGG!!!!!!

*perv* *next*

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