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2005-01-10 - 10:00 a.m.

Nina, Sydney and I realized all this important stuff that is going to happen on Lost. This is basically speculation that is spoilery because it is so fricking RIGHT ON that when you hear it you know we are 100% grade A correct. Somehow Sayid and Sawyer are going to get separated from the others, and hurt. And they have to tend to one another's wounds. And there are lip wounds they have to touch tenderly, & Sawyer is like "I have weird lip, it tastes funny from being hit" & Sayid is like "I'd better investigate" & he tongues it all scientifically like a doctor or nurse might and then some conflict arises and they fight and then Sayid is done with the games and knows they have to fuck and Sawyer is all "NO! NO!" and even as they start angrily making out with snarls is still saying "no...no..." and then they have violent island sex, polar bear-scaring sex, and then they sleep an angry hot mansleep and then they wake up and the conflicts start again and then Angel arrives! with Spike on a leash! and he's all "Don't worry guys, we had our share of these kinds of problems at the beginning, Spike's here as an example to Sawyer of how to be a good dog." And what else. Sawyer argues he's not a dog but a snake and Angel opens up a can of champion-strength whoopass. I'll tell you more later.

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