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2004-11-26 - 10:39 a.m.

Have I waited until long enough after the election that I can avoid coming up with something to say about it? And just dive right back into celebrity sex dream talk?

We had people from Feminist Studies Journal do a panel discussion on their Women in Prison issue at the store. One of them made the point that one of the most effective weapons of the Right is their ability to make us feel like they're just this steamroller that can't be stopped, and so we should all just be depressed about it and stay home. Another one of them said that we don't choose the historical time or place we're born into, but this is an interesting one with lots of opportunities & stuff to be done. So. I'm trying to think about those ideas. Also at the store's 25th Anniversary Bash the awesome head of the Lesbian Community Cancer Project talked about how important feminist & queer spaces are right now, & how the media will never ever let us know how bad this time gets for queer people & other oppressed people. But people writing poetry, fiction, & non-fiction will tell those stories. So - I can do stuff through work to help keep up the spirits of the activist community. And I am super excited about the big mobilization around the inauguration. I can't imagine anyone I know not being at the Chicago protest, unless people go to the Washington one. People want so badly to do something.

Here's what I did on Thanksgivery:

Watched The Five Obstructions. I'm glad those aren't the kinds of games my friends like to play. God. I guess if you're friends with Lars Von Trier, you know what you're in for.

Watched Prey for Rock & Roll. The best the best the best the best the best. There are a couple things about the queer politics that make me mad, but still. I love it so.

Read Myla Goldberg's book on Prague "Time's Magpie." I was comparing it to the Alex Kotlowitz one on Chicago which is AMAZING, and that wasn't fair. It was okay.

Oh, yeah. Made up a few new Dixie Doodle songs. Jeal?

P.S. Here's my conv with Nina who works in a nursing home and whose fave resident Elizabeth is now out of favor since Nina told her to take her meds & she said "I don't have to listen to ugly little boys":
"I have a new favorite resident. Esther. Everyone else hates her."
"That's cool."
"I lay down with her a lot."
"I lay down with her a lot, and watch TV."
"Um, you're not supposed to do that."
"I know. It's the only thing that calms her down, though."

??? God.

*perv* *next*

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