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2004-11-01 - 10:33 a.m.

Well well well. The truth can now be revealed. Sydney and myself had top secret costumes for like a year and the best part was how little we had to do, we mostly just talked our costumes up, & Sydney grew out her hair, & we finally bought some stuff like the week before Halloween and we spent so little $. We were Cheech & Chong. The sad part was we didn't have a lot of pot but we did have enough to show up high, which is what mattered for the costume I think. Tish & her housemates Don & William had a party, & it was completely fun & awesome. Their three cats were super relaxed & just accepted lots of loving, which you might want to mention to Nick next time you see him is such a better way to go than leaping into the air & trying to gouge the thigh out of someone.

There were lots of good costumes, like Simpsons comic book guy. Once I realized who he was, I was like god why isn't everyone a Simpsons character? It seems so fun & perfect. And Tish was a pink glittery cowgirl maybe the girlfriend of that Gorch vampire, Don was Robert Smith, & Andrew & William were Republicans (Andrew carried his brain around in a bag), Chris was Fast, Brett wore a huge pumpkin on his head & seemed to almost pass out, Gwyn was a victim of Jason, Kris was a pirate, Alan was a mummy, Heather was a dark faeirieye, another Heather was an evil Wolfram & Hart scientist, Sam was a person/snakehead fish hybrid, Nina was Sailor Moon (the one with a black bob who apparently "is weak and tires easily & hates gym"), & I know there's more. I dunno.

Their apartment is really nice & really long, & they have great libraries. And Tish has done a lovely job with getting Buffy/Angel images spread throughout the apartment.

There was a certain amount of unexpected lap-sitting. I don't know if Andrew was blind & didn't know there were empty chairs, or if he just didn't care.

Nina was telling the joke "What's the opposite of Christopher Reeve? Christopher Walken." I remember hearing it & being so fucking excited to tell Andrew & hoping he hadn't heard it yet & when we talked the next day he said it was worth leaving his apartment just to hear that joke.

Yesterday Syd, Nina & I laid around super hungover. Bad stomachs & heads. We didn't have any trick-or-treaters last night, so Syd & I ate Twix & watched "Suspiria." Which creeped me out & made me sleep with the light on. I liked it a lot, I'm thinking about applying to ballet school now.

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