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2004-09-02 - 11:22 a.m.

Last week in the Reader, Rosenbaum described Playtime as his favorite movie ever. I was trying to think if I could say that about anything. So many movies went through my head and I was like no way and then I realized that I totally have a favorite movie ever that towers above everything else and that is SERENITY!!!! THE NUMBER ONE AWESOMEST!!! BRING IT ON ENTIRELY!!!! YOU WISH YOU WISH YOU WIIIISSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!! LUMBERJACK CITY ALL THE WAY OKAY HERE TO PLAY!!!!!!!

Here is exactly what Jon Voight said on CoCo O'Brien's show whilst promoting his new piece of retardia "Superbabies 2": No wait, maybe it was Graham Norton's show. Ok here goes this is what he said exactly:

"Little babies know far more than we know maybe even. I think every baby's a genius. I do. I enjoy conversing with babies."

Now that I think about it it had to be Graham - there is no way CoCo would let that shit go commentless.

Friday night I went with Tish & Mich to get their tattoos. Tish's is posted over on dirtynerdluv.org & you need to check that shit out. Michelle's is a Djuna Barnes drawing from Ladies Almanack, of a pensive lady sitting & thinking. It's on her lower back & it's so lovely. No comment on Tish's because once you see it you will know how I fucking feel about it. Ok one comment - her friendship means so much to me that I am not going to skin her upper arm & staple the tattoo to my own arm. How fucking evil would that be? Who even thinks of that? So afterwards we went to the bar and ran into a friend of mine who I haven't seen in a long time & he announced that he wants a goat. Michelle spazzed out Sam Weir-style about wanting "A BLACK AND WHITE PYGMY GOAT NAMED THURSDAY!!!!" Casey just has seen a goat trying to eat light bulbs & wants one because of that. Double tardation.

Anyway, if you see either of those ladies you need to ask to see their tattoos. They're 2 of the coolest pieces you will ever see.

You should really read "Book of the Dead," it has Wesley on the cover. It's a really good Wes-centric Angel book, & it's set in Season 4 but Connor is not even heard from.

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