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2004-08-23 - 3:38 p.m.

Oh my god I forgot a whole main big part and that is the talk on the future of Buffy merch. Nina won this rare Willow figure! I was really happy for her. They are going to continue Buffy/Angel trading card sets indefinitely - they are the most sought after non-sport trading cards. Women of Sunnydale comes out next month, and they have 2 sets planned for next year. New action figures will keep comoing but they are more of an investment to make & they said if they do one that doesn't make money it'll be really hard to bounce back. However Diamond Select Toys, who are making them now, are doing much cooler variants than Moore Action Collectibles did, & you can quote me on that shit up and down the street. Up and down the world as a matter of fact. The dude was like "we aren't going to change a red shirt to a blue shirt & say there's your variant" & it was a beautiful sound like a chorus of Lornes singing. And there will be a scythe, exactly like The Scythe. Oh my god. And the coffin which. Is such. A big deal. It's a coffin with every season of Buffy card inside it, reprinted all fancy & newlike so the images um "pop to hell & back" as the Inkworks dude said.

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