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2003-12-07 - 2:55 p.m.

Last night I went to The Abbey to see Girlesque Burlesque, even though I called Andrew right before & he was all gonna go & then found out girls were going to take their clothes off & was like "I don't really care for that kind of shit. I'm going to stay in & work on my David Brent dance thank you very muchly."

It was super hot & crowded & my feet were achy breaky & it was so worth every single second of discomfort. It was entertaining & empowering & funny & hot. There were so many fat girls & they made my heart bump against the ceiling, with all their different shapes & dances & smiles & the whole place screaming for them. There were so many hot tattoos & so much vintage lingerie & the songs were Bjork, & Billie Holliday, & Bow Wow Wow, & the Gossip, & Warrant's Cherry Pie, & oldie old songs. Not like Oldie Oldson from Conan, Syd's boyfriend, but like old tinkly songs that you think of accompanying classic burlesque. You never knew what sexy funny act would happen next, & there was amazing singing & dancing, & the grand finale was the lovely Nomy Lamm with a long glittery mustachio singing Fat Bottom Girls while 2 awesome fat ladies did rockin', sexy dances on either side of her.

I love every single lady who got up there & performed for us. Thank you thank you thank you.

I was home early enough to get in bed & read another Kate Atkinson story. LOVE IT.

I am so hungry for blueberry pamcakes. I wonder if that one place delivers.

*perv* *next*

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