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2003-12-04 - 10:57 a.m.

The best thing about Spanksgiv was I got to hang out with my cousin who I never see. We went to the Ann Arbor gay bar after eating the food & playing the board games. At first the bar wasn't open, & not one bar in all of Ann Arb seemed open, & we were super upset. He lives in NYC & neither of us can fathom that we ever lived in that town. But the gay bar opened at 8, so we went & it was fun but god I miss The Flame. Nice & dark. Also the board gaming was good timez - did you know that Disney's Goofy sometimes goes by the name Mr. Geefs? We played Disney Triv Pursuit, kids' cards. Also I saw Love Actually with my mom. That woman who was the lead in Tipping the Velvet was in it, & her character had a bunch of fat jokes made about her. Also another woman was there only to have fat jokes made about her, a sister of a real character who got a love interest. So, yeah. Your movie. But Alan Rickman was hot & I'll deny I said that later but he was. And Tipping the Velv lady was super hot too. And don't forget Tim from The Office. I wish it could've been Gareth in that part. Naked Gareth. Also the one kid who I have to see at holidays, between the last time I saw him & this time, learned that it's unconventional that he calls me Uncle Pam, & now refuses to. None of his business what I go by. I saw the Penn/Del Toro coif battle 21 Grams. They were both awesome, as was Naomi Watts. Her hair wasn't big at all though, so who's going to pay attench to her. I just finished reading Cursed, by Mel Odom, which is all manner of Spike & Angel business going on. How can they be so fucking hot even on the page? God. So many "fights" between them. They can both "go without end" because they're so "evenly matched." Lucky them. Now I've started Kate Atkinson's new book which supposedly has some Buffyverse references going on. Loved the first story. Can you imagine kissing Paris Hilton? I really really really cannot. I can imagine kissing almost anyone in the world before her. Like Nicole Richie OR EVEN LIONEL. Or Alan Rickman. Or Angel & Spike. Or Thom & Kyan. Or your muuuuuuuuthuuuuuuuhhhhhhh

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