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2003-12-10 - 12:23 p.m.

Lloyd and I are on a night train. We love that stuff. We're on a night train. We can't nevah get enuff.

Last night I was watching sex god Colin Cowie arrange a table for Oprah who does not deserve such an honor & I was thinking how I admire him for really putting it out there about being a Satanist. He doesn't try to hide the evil in his eyebrows, nor the ill will in his smile; he just sits there on Oprey's show & decorates a table in glorious red as an homage to his man Luce. Oprah was really killing the moment for me, moment after moment & she tried to kill them all by saying his name over & over & saying "Go, Colin!" & other stuff while he was setting the table. He just carried on calmly & evilly, mentioning that he entertains 4-5 nights a week. I wish so much that he would dress up in an evil Anton Lavey crimson-lined tux & cruelly punish Kyan for being such an angel & no one gets to watch but me.

Do you remember on Angel, near the end of season 2 when Angel goes off on that woman in the restaurant about how she's a witch & he knows it because her stole is made from the skin of children? And she's not? I wish I did that. That is so fucking funny.

Yesterday Debbie Stoeller came into my work! She was really lovely. She had on that grey sweater with the skeleton arms that's featured in her Stitch n Bitch book. She was super chatty & on her way to speak at a knitting store in the neighborhood, & she said how older ladies at knitting conventions said to her "What a great Halloween sweater." And she kept saying crafts is the new rock n' roll. She kept thanking me for giving Bust such good placement in the store. She was super nice. Also she went into Quimby's & the only ish they had was like a year old. GOD. That says so much about why we need feminist bookstores, not just general indie ones.


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