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2003-10-20 - 12:15 p.m.

I saw Mystic River Friday night with Andrew. Yes, Sean Penn was amazing. Amazing as an actor, & amazing at being both super hot and sometimes super scary-looking, like when I'd really look objectively at his face & hair separately, you know he wears his hair so big & it goes straight back & it's a lot to take. But I love it & it's hot. But it can be scary. Andrew said "He looks like Glenn Close now." But so hot! But scary. Butthot. Ok & there was one scene that I don't know - maybe other people are talking about it, because I can't believe it'd go unmentioned. It was a blatant ripoff of "Kingpin." The scene where it's from above & there's some huge crazy crowd action & it gets farther & farther away & the farther you get the more you realize how gigantic Big Ern's bald head & crazy hair are. The same thing happened, but Sean Penn was Big Ern. It was so very similar. Homage?

I enjoyed watching it, but I can't say I liked it. I mean, it's insane. Clint Eastwood wants us to know how fucking hard it is for men to take care of their women & kids, when there are other evil men out there who want to hurt their women & kids. And when bad things happen to women, it tears apart the men that those women belong to. There are probably lots of contemporary movies like this, but I avoid them. I did feel for Sean Penn as this father, but it makes me sick that I wasn't supposed to feel a thing for the girl that died, or even for her mom. Oh my god, & why did Laura Linney take that crazy role? Why didn't Clint just throw on a wig & play that role himself? That was ridic. I'mn not going to go into what she said & be spoilery, but man I really want to. It's so bizarre. She should've read that script & been like "Um, fuck you, ASSWOOD."

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