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2003-10-22 - 10:36 a.m.

I got home last night & there was a UHaul out front. On my way upstairs I saw gross wifebeating neighbor hauling out a couch! I think he's gonna be gone! Jamtastic! Jamtasm deluxe.

I saw god while I was in Target. I saw the thing that made me understand why people believe in god, or want to believe in god (I don't think people actually do - they just think it sounds nice) or something to worship. I saw a box containing the most beautiful form of transportation ever invented - a carriage drawn by a unicorn. All done in lavender, blue & pink, the palette of the Barbie Swan Lake collection. The uni was not a minimalist white uni, it was all the colors of the Barbie Swan Lake rainbow. Perfecto, dude. I stared at it for so long that you'd think it'd be permanently imprinted on my brain but already it fades. By the hour it fades. By the minute. So, last night I rented the DVD of Barbie's Swan Lake. It was pretty disappointing. The animation is more like retardation. Ha. And the unicorn is totally obnoxious, with a scratchy baby voice, & not that pretty. I ended up forwarding to the nice dances, but still. They'd be dancing and the troll would be doing some gross dance in the corner at the same time. No. So, yeah. Not recommended. Save your $.

The best thing at work is when I say "Do you need any help?" & people say "I'm beyond help." That is awesomely funny & lets me know to expect the unexpected with this joker. Actually, the very best thing was the other day when a dude asked "Do you have Mrs. Doubtfire by Virginia Woolf?"

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