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2003-10-15 - 12:49 p.m.

I had the awesomest dream. Sydney did something to my trading cards & I could not prove it was her but I knew. It was like - she re-ordered the pages or something. So to prove to her that I don't stand for that kind of monkey bazness, I started putting back my Q-tips that I used every day, into the container of new ones.

Did I say a dream? I meant a fantasy. Well, a waking dream. A premonition? A goal.

Here are the rest of my movies:

Wait - I have to say that I hate Nick Hornby for having a whole entire thing in The Believer about what he's reading & the whole list is men. Jackass. But the Andy Richter interview is the funniest thing ever. I would never pay for that magazine because I can't (or WON'T!) understand most of it, but so far there's always been something really great that makes me glad to get it for free.


Tamala2010 - Ok this was an awesome hamjam. It didn't make sense but I knew that going in. If you love cats & drugs, & think dogs are evil, then you'll love it too. (Japan)

Distant (Turkey), Crimson Gold (Iran), & Joy of Madness (Iran) were all super good. All Tomorrow's Parties (China) I had a hard time knowing what was going on. And maybe my favorite movie of the fest was Goodbye Dragon Inn (Taiwan). See it see it see it!

Spike is super fucking lucky, luckier than he deserves to be. He is now among a group of people who have no way of knowing that he is the attempted rapist of Buffy. Angel would fucking tear him to nothing, corporeal form or no. I cannot believe his fucking nerve to bait Angel about leaving her! And of course he turns to Fred in the end, he goes to her for help because that is what he does - talk bigtime trash to men, then whine to women & take comfort because he knows he's super hot. He did it to Buffy, Willow (when he first had his chip), Dawn, Joyce, Anya, Harmony, & I'm sure others. I want Fred to be immune to his charms. Can just one lady be immune to his charms? I guess Tara pretty pointedly was. "A cramp in your....pants?" I will do anything for an Angel/Spike "Something Blue" episode (arc? season?).

*perv* *next*

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