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2003-10-10 - 12:56 p.m.

I'd like to add this to my last di entry: Those ladies who will be doing their best to Survive Nuge, have been chosen because of their ability to Whack Off with the best. They are going to be a serious challenge for Whackmaster Uncle Ted.

I haven't been able to watch that show all the way through, but the parts I've seen make me a proud Michigander - one of the punishments seems to be drinking nothing but Vernors with your meals. It gives me an awesome thirst just to watch.

The first movie I saw at the Fest was "Three," which was three ghost stories - one from S. Korea, one from Thailand, & one from Hong Kong. I walked out of the theater with that creeped out feeling, & was happy for once that there are all those outdoor restaurants on Southport. I knew no creepy ghouls would attack me in front of so many loud & moneyed diners. But then something horrible happened. I turned onto Grace St. toward Clark to go get the bus & there were these packs of motherfucking drunk, terrifying, on-the-loose men. One pack is scary enough but it was many packs, yelling & screaming like they own the world. Ok, so they do. You'd think that would relax you. And then there were lone ones staggering around screaming into cell phones. Apparently there was a huge, like fucking enormous baseball game that happened or was happening or something & it made them feel like scary belligerent monkeys. It maybe sounds funny if you're a guy reading this but if you're a woman you know how scary it was. I just wanted to be invisible & I would've given anything to just go back to being afraid of nonexistent shit like ghouls. Then I got to the bus & there were cops there because of how these guys were acting. And I got on the bus & my god the outfits. This one dude had on searingly bright yellow pants made out of bunchy, noisy, nylon material. This was paired with layered shirts featuring the colors of this sports team which are red, white & blue. He had a blurry super bright red face to match and this baseball hat & coming out of the front of the hat was a stick with a flag hanging down directly in front of him. So anyone like a foot in front of him got hit with it. Namely, his lady friend. He talked loud the whole bus ride. Stuff like "I HAVE CLOTHES AT THAT DRYCLEANERS THERE WHOOOOOOOOOOO!"

I fucking hate this. The media & venue owners act like rap concerts shouldn't happen because people get all excited & act crazy. HOW ABOUT FUCKING SPORTS. Come to find out this is not one big game, there was like another one the next time I took that bus to go to the film festival. How big can the game fucking be if there's another one the next night. Jesus. Can't you save it until the end. OR, can't you have no drinking in the arena but people have to smoke pot? Wouldn't that make it a lot less loud & violent & scary? Men would not be screaming in my ear if they were stoned, I don't think.

That's all. Except here are my other movies:

"Singing Detective" - Downey's performance is AWES.

"Oasis" - I nearly walked out during the rape scene. I stayed & found it interesting but still cannot get over the rape scene. (S. Korea)

"Cinerama Adventure" - Super fun! I want to see Cinerama movies! (U.S. documentary)

"Bright Future" - I don't know. It was pretty but I wanted it to be over because my nose was totally running. It looked like one of the kids in the gang couldn't find a Che shirt like all his friends so he had a shirt with like Jaclyn Smith or something & just tried to play it off. (Japan)

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