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2003-10-01 - 12:46 p.m.

Lots of sad news going around. I'll stick to the good stuff. Not the Good Stuff, which is Lloyd's private underneath stash of caramel & cream fur that she protects all angry & fiercely. Because the Good Stuff, in turn, protects her most embarassing and naked and deathly shy parts - her nips. They look like something unborn, except not at all gross. They look like you should sing them lullabys in the carefullest airy creme-filled whisper. One day I'm going to get them between my teeth. Then we'll see.

The good stuff. Includes Friday night, my team won at Cranium. Saturday night, Nina & I watched "Chicago" & discussed a Velma/Satine collaboration. I was in favor of such a thing, she was happy with that but more into Catherine & Nicole dating in real life, and particularly invested in the idea of them often having public angry/sexy dance-offs. I wish Nina would start practicing how to start a dance-off in a bar, going up to people & bumping into them & spilling their drinks with violent, perfect dance moves. Then just folding her arms & staring & being like "Are you gonna take that from me? Or do we need to clear some space?" I can only picture her doing Michael Jackson moves.

Sunday I visited friends in Hyde Park & got a little driving tour. It was awesome. I want to know things so I can give you a tour of some part of Chicago. I guess I can give a "stuff I like to eat" tour of my neighborhood.

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