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2003-09-25 - 10:21 a.m.

"Man, Woman, or Bee Gee" is really just like twenty questions except you can ask as many questions as you want until you get it, it's always a celebrity, and although you can start any way you'd like, you traditionally get the title question out of the way. That's it. Seriously good times. And while we were playing, it was never a Bee Gee. But it's really good to check.

This past weekend I met a kitty and a bunny who live together. Jay & Gwen. Oh my god, they are a dream team. Gwen hopped up to me to be petted & she is so fragile and tender like a cloud or a kiss or a meringue. Jay is so not fragile. He is a 21-lb. man who just lies in the middle of the floor, putting it out there for whoever has hands. He has a serious load to carry & there is a wobble in his step. I wish Jay & Gwen were my parents.

Did you see the Emmys? Specifically, did you see Cosby's pudding-loving ass in his night sunglasses throwing major 'tude toward my girl Wanda? Oh my god. He is such a prick. She was being totally nice to him & picking on Larry David & Cosby says of his own stupid 1980s sitcom "We spoke English." Which was in his mind some sort of dig at her because she's speaking to him using words from black English? LOSER! Ooh! That he acts like he's so classy & such an example and all about showing representations of black people that aren't degrading, & here he goes and tries to make a seriously fucking FUNNY & political black woman comedian feel small in front of the whole industry! I'm sorry Wanda does not have a leather collage on her sweater. I'm sorry Wanda does not have big lip sync routines with the whole family on her show. I'm sorry Wanda uses words to make her jokes instead of just goofy reaction faces to children. I'm sorry we don't know Wanda's position on pudding. I'm sorry Wanda so far has not had an entire episode of her sitcom that took place inside Rudy's play world and the whole background sets were drawn with crayon - it's only her 2nd season, give her time. And I'm very sorry that Wanda didn't do some retarded HBO standup thing in the 80s that my mom was in love with & took the VCR to my grandma & grandpa's because they had to see it especially the part where he talks about getting old means you bend over & a bunch of water falls out of your belly button? God. Anyway, Wanda said that Cosby Mysteries was clearly made up as they went along like Larry David's show & walked away from Cos & I was so happy to see him sitting there with a smile but mad. I hate him.

I watched "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" yester. Sam Rock-oh-so-well was awesome, & really looked like dude a LOT & reminded me of when I was a kid how my dad would yell to me from the living room to get in here because Jean Jean the Dancing Machine was on. Our other show was Sha Na Na. As you can see, it was only the really good stuff that we were interested in watching. So, the thing that bothered me about Confessions was Julia Roberts/Clooney/Drew/ are just too famous & it seemed like famous friends hanging out, & then Damon & Pitt do cameos & it's just too much. And awhile ago Dave brought up to me that Drew cannot act & I've thought about it a lot since & yep. I love her in "Charlie's" & "Never Been Kissed," but she's not so much acting. She should just play herself like those movies, & produce a lot.

Nina is obsessed with some monkey on Passions called Precious.

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