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2003-07-31 - 12:52 p.m.

Once a long time ago before I owned a computer or I think even had Internet access at work, Ann told me she had a dream that I'd set up webpages for every single movie & TV show episode that I watched. Doesn't that rock? Can you imagine how many that would be? So much work. What would I do with last night's episode of The Family? I'd hope that Andrew watched it too, & maybe write back & forth our favorite parts like those two lameass tards in the Chicago Trib do when they don't feeling like writing out a whole lame column. That's what I'd do.

28 Days is like the movie of the summer which I totally would not have guessed - I think I know more people who've seen it than have seen Charlie's. What's up with THAT? I loved Selena & I think she should totally be an action hero & all those dudes who keep making action movies can stop. Just stop.

It was complete crazytime on the Clark bus Tuesday, which I had off work. Usually the Broadway bus has crazytime but Clark has more assholetime. There was a man next to me repeately jamming that metal pole you hold onto, all the way hard between his fingers. Like shoving his finger-crotches one after another really fast at the pole. I hated his guts. Also a crazy old lady (not really very old - 60s) with her hair in blonde perfectly round curls wearing a lot of white lace & bright pink lipstick & circles of rouge. Why is old lady dressed up like a doll a recognizable category of person? No. There should be a cozy home for all of them, a human-sized dollhouse with lots of tea sets & doilies everywhere, and Andrew can quit his job & make lots of money washing their wigs til they sparkle & pouring the tea & appreciating their curtsies & generally being the teddy bear/tin soldier/jack-in-the-box among all the pretty dollies. Nice! Not mean, nice!

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