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2002-12-18 - 10:28 a.m.

Friday night I went to a march against racist attacks on immigrants, Arabs, & Muslims. It was pretty good, although the speakers could�ve been better. The Left here sucks pretty much & makes me miss Detroit demos. But there were several hundred people there including a contingent of young Koreans. Some of them had drums & it was maybe the first time I was not annoyed with drums at a demonstration.

Saturday night I saw the Dirtbombs. If anyone can make that one guy in the band shut up I�ll buy you a cake. His fag jokes make me not want to go see one of my favorite bands. It seems to get worse every time.

Sunday my friend Blair was a featured reader at the Green Mill poetry thing. Tish & I got there just in time to hear thunderous applause, & see a ton of fans gather round him. I guess he read a poem of mine, so I got compliments too from strangers, which was nice.

Monday he was a featured reader elsewhere. I read a poem at the open mic part. He read a really good set. The other featured reader besides him did a long poem about Richard Pryor which was really good. There was a lady who announced that she�d �always been a firm believer in Al Jolson.� For a second I heard the words Al Jarreau because that�s what I wanted to hear, & man was I excited. But � no. Different. She sang the song Al Jolson sang when his son died. It said the words sonny boy a lot & was very maudlin. Then she said she didn�t know if she had any time left, but she�d like to sing the song Al Jolson sang when his mother died. That was no more uplifting. Later a man did a rap that had this chorus: �There�s newborn boys & newborn girls. Also known as the babies of the world!� It was all about babies. We were big fans of the �also known as� part. That was cool. In case you hadn�t heard of them under one name, you might know them under the other. He went into the audience with it & danced around & rapped to people & slapped palms.

I cannot handle the hair of Byron on Andy Richter�s show. It is really getting under my skin & itching.

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