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2002-12-19 - 12:22 p.m.

Last night I watched the extries on the "Near Dark" DVD. God Lance Henriksen & Bill Paxton are like some epic love story. With each other and themselves. They are both so romantic about that movie, & Bill Paxton would go into detail about how it felt to really nail some line, using sports metaphors. And Lance was ALL about getting into character. He got fake nails & then fucked them up with pliers. He had that long ponytail that he dipped in ink, like they apparently did in the olden timeys? Ok. And he of course had the most elaborate backstory for his character, & was happy to go waaay into it so many years later for the DVD interview. Although as much as he loved the part of Jess, he apparently was going to become inseparable from the character of Frank Black had "Millennium" gone on another year. I swear, that was part of his actor bio on the DVD. It was a lot about Bill & Lance trying to impress each other during the making of the film, & of course having big adventures "in character." Lance told a long story about picking up a hitchhiker & scaring the hell out of him. "In character." And another about speeding & getting pulled over & the cop letting them go because there was so much, um, lust in Lance's eyes.

I would do Lance but not Bill. I would totally do Diamondback or Jenny. And I think I'd do Adrian Pasdar because he's hot & Profit was so great; but then again he married a Dixie Chick & was in that show Mysterious Ways that I believe was Christian?

Please see the related link on the pita page! It's so good.

I forgot to tell about the best part of the weekend. Dave & I totally choreographed this awesome move, where we moved in on Sydney swift as snakes or Lance Henriksen, & picked her up & dangled her out the window & said "You're the Michael Jackson baby!" It was so good & she got a right giggle out of it.

Wait, one more thing - Lance lost so much weight to play Jess, because he wanted the bones in his chest to show, that he lost all his muscle from not eating & hurt himself. Or something. Crazy. I kind of love him.

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