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2002-12-05 - 10:59 a.m.

I've seen Andrew two times in 4 days. It's nice. I feel about Andrew like Pam Anderson feels about the beach. I'd miss him too much to ever settle down in Michigan with Kid Rock.

We saw The Manchurian Candidate at the Music Box. It made me want to have kids - someone to brainwash & make out with.

Andrew, you're right - the guy I'm taking the class on is the guy making "Hero". You'll want me in the theater next to you, giving my big analysis. Hopefully it's as heartwarming & adorable (words people used in class this week to convey that they LIKED the movie) as "Not One Less."

I can't handle this Buffy situation - how the episode of the 17th may be new or may be a rerun? Now everytime a re is listed, I'm going to think there's a possibility that they'll decide to give me a new one instead. It's a dangerous kind of hope. That way lies inevitable disappointment & eventual madness. And the new ep they might run is called "Bring on the Night"? Oh my GOD! Buffy finally slays Sting! She is a true hero. I bet Giles keeps running into him & just cannot stand him & Buffy has to go do it before Giles is consumed with hatred.

Lloyd has one week to let me clip her nails, or she's going to live with Bernie Mac. We'll see if he rubs her butt in the morning while he has his coffee & reads the newspape, & we'll see if he coos over her nosecream & blows gently on the Good Stuff. We shall see.

*perv* *next*

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