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2002-07-18 - 12:24 p.m.

Sarah Jessica Parker was on Letterman last night with I swear to god a new nose. I really think so. She looked so strange & Melissa Rivers-ish. Sydney thinks it was her extreme tan. I don't know. I think new nose. Or, a special surgery to bring her eyes closer together? It was upsetting.

I rented Cheryl Dunye's next film after "Watermelon Woman", "A Stranger Inside." It was so good. I liked her first film but had to forgive it a lot. She clearly learned a lot from doing it & short films & stuff she's done, & this new film doesn't have the same mistakes at all. Such great acting. And sexy Rain Phoenix looks just like her sexy brother!

I just finished "Pinero." I was really moved by it. I didn't know anything about him before this movie came out. People are mad & say it doesn't get him right. They're probably completely right. I can't really know, but it made me want to read his writing. Why was Mandy Patinkin in it? You pulled some strings?

I keep trying to come up with something else to say about "Harvard Man", so I can call him James Throwback.

Why does Larry Sanders have to wear his shirts so puffy & his jeans so tight? Why? Seinfeld did the same thing on his show. Is it a secret way to be funny? Is it because they want to be left alone & know that it looks revolting? Even the same jeans & shirt could be fine, if the shirt was just left untucked. That's really the problem.

Also - a man should NEVER wear a necklace over a turtleneck. I can't remember where I saw this recently, but I DID. People still do it. They have to stop.

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