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2002-07-22 - 11:34 a.m.

Yesterday Sydney & I watched "Ed Wood." Every time I watch it I feel like I didn't use to love it enough but now I really do. Why aren't there action figurse, like the Scissorhands one? You know which one you'd have. Tor. All hairy getting a massage, belching "DO MY TOES!" He is my worst fears of who I am.

Andrew came over for the Sex & the City premiere. I like watching TV with him but he's too easily shocked. There's only so many times during a 25 minute show that I can handle his shriek of "Oh my Goddess!" Do you really want to hear what I thought about the show? I think you know. I think you must be tired of it. Miranda feels not part of her girlfriends because she's had a baby. Um. YEAH. THAT IS WHAT YOU CHOSE. I want one of those bras like Miranda has. I don't know why, it seems cool that it has that extra option. Sometimes you want the support of a bra, but you want your nipples to be able to socialize. AND, if you're Meredith Veiera, you never know when a baby monkey might come along that you want to feed with milk from your tits.

She said she would, in a TV Guide interview, a long time ago. She best not think that shit will be forgotten anytime soon.

The other day at work I was talking to my friend about how much I hate the Dell guy. She was like "People love him. Pam, moms LOVE him in the suburbs." I was kind of like "No...everybody hates him." The very. next. day. I am helping this extremely old woman with looking up a book & of course it's out of print like all books extremely old people bring in yellowed clippings of, & she just doesn't want the conversation to end. She keeps just saying little phrases like "Welp. Ok, then I guess. Alrighty, I suppose." I'm just smiling & waiting for any actual concrete statements or questions that need a response from me. She then points to the word DELL across the front of our store computer, & says "I've seen these. On TV." I nodded & she beamed "With that guy! That guy, who's always" & then she made her hands into like oldtimey gang signs. No. I wish so much that didn't happen. She said "You know him, right?" I don't deserve to be in that kind of situation. I think she meant had I seen the commercials, so I said yes. But maybe she thought I'd KNOW him, like all youngsters know each other nowadays. Gar gar gar.

A dance party broke out last night at Carol's. Nina was up on tables, doin' The Shark.

OH - lastly about Dell Guy, I was saying "spokesman" couldn't apply to him because of the man part & Sydney said he's the spokestard.

I have that Billy Joel theme from Bosom Buddies in my head. Either way it's okay you wake up with yourself.

*perv* *next*

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