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2002-07-16 - 9:14 a.m.

This weekend I saw both "Sunshine State" & "Harvard Man." I think you know which of the 2 rocked, & which I hesitated to even mention here that I had seen. If anyone has anything bad to say about Sayles, I am so completely uninterested. I know that's how you feel about Toback.

Also, I watched the commentary for "Innocence" (the one after Buffy & Angel do it do it do it) from the Season 2 DVD. For the love of Angelus, if you are a Buffy fan you have got to hear this commentary. He says it's the most important ep to the series that they've ever done. It was certainly an emotional beating that I wasn't prepared for the first time I watched it. Also there are surprising things to be learned about Tony Head.

I want to be Buffy but I'm Larry David. Ugh.

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