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2002-06-10 - 1:14 p.m.

The Dirtbombs were stunning as always. Merritt went up on stage & danced with other ladies who were pulled up! When the drummer stuck out his hand to pull me up, I scampered like Lloyd. He said "C'mon.." & I moved even further away. Stages are not my friend, at least not at the more coherent stages of drunk. I wish I had a picture of Merritt onstage!

I watched "From Hell." Why did they make that movie?

Nick has been in a paper bag all day.

"While we were traveling in the States with Ratt, we had gotten into the habit of biting each other. Tommy would grab Vince or a security guard, and clamp his teeth down on an arm until he broke the skin. It was all affectionate, of course, but it hurt like hell if you werne't fucked up."

Nikki, p.116

"We looked ridiculous because our style was begining to evolve from ROAD WARRIOR darkness to more colorful, theatrical one-piece court jester suits. For the show, I wore a dark green outfit, painted my bass the same color, and put on matching moccasin shoes. I looked like an overgrown leprechaun."

Nikki, p.119

After the MTV Movie Awards, I'm prepared to name Ewan as #1 hottie on Earth. I love how his smile is all about being up for anything.

Me: Andrew, girls really like you. You know? Girls totally LIKE you a lot.

Andrew: Yeah. Me & R.Kelly.

*perv* *next*

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