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2002-06-08 - 9:38 a.m.

Yesterday while I was getting my lunch I saw this guy from behind who I thought was totally hot. I don't EVER think that about men, mostly I think "Don't" or "Why are you speaking" or "Eew." He had perfect hair & arms, though. So I was thinking about that, then I caught a glimpse of his face in the mirror & he was grinning kind of an Ashton Kutcher/Seann William Scott kind of grin, with that kind of face - good-looking, but right on the cusp of tardation. I was telling Sydney about it last night, how that scared me but really faces cease to matter if someone is funny or cool unless you're like...& she said "Mask?" Yeah. Unless you're Mask.

Anyway, he was still in the running to be an actual real-life crush of mine, when he leaned over to do something & revealed a tail.

"From there, I put on a single studded shoulder pad and war paint under my eyes, like one of the gas pirates in THE ROAD WARRIOR. Then I had someone make me thigh-high leather boots with cages in the heels, which ejected smoke when I pressed a button."

-Nikki p.102

There's also a bunch of great Satan stuff going on at this point in the book. Nikki & Lita Ford live together & have pentagrams drawn all over & are all into black mag & say that knives & forks get thrown around their house by the devyool.

One more thing - I was whispering to a telemarketer about how much I love the devil & she kept saying "What?" & I was like "You heard me. I fucking love the devil so much" & she wouldn't hang up, she just kept saying "Ma'am, it's a fabulous deal." Does anyone ever buy anything from them? I guess oldsters.

Oh, also Nikki finally got freaked out & changed the name from "Shout with the Devil" to "Shout AT the Devil." I guess that showed the dev.

*perv* *next*

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