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2002-06-13 - 11:16 a.m.

"We stood in a circle with some other people in the clinic, put our arms around each other, and sang "You Can't Always Get What You Want"...The spigots controlling my eyes turned on again, and I turned to Nikki and sobbed, 'Isn't this the most beautiful song, dude?'...If I was the goofball that they were learning had a genuine sadness behind the mask, Nikki was the madly charging ram who we learned had a tender spot, where real feelings and emotions lay. Even Vince, the most impenetrable of all, began to open up and cry. For the first time, I saw a weakness in Motley Crue that I had never noticed before. We all turned into broken-down little children, except for Mick...Every time we sang together or meditated or went through any exercise to get in touch with our emotions, I'd look at him and he'd have an expression on his face like was about to vomit all over the floor."

Tommy, p.215-216

Grown men who cry in the middle of a fucking crisis will die, because you can bet your ass that the enemy won't be crying. They'll be killing your weak ass while you cry!...I became so sick of everyone in the band bawling their eyes out. Go back to the second grade if you want to cry, suckass.

Mick, p.218

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