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2002-05-15 - 10:26 a.m.






i like it like that


i like it like that

what kinds of presents are you crafting for me? a cockatoo? a snood?

i like drug presents.

& thug presents.

& extremely snug presents.

Ok, I feel terrible for Detroiters who cannot see Buffy on the proper night.


So I'm not going to be spoily, I'm just going to say I CANNOT BELIEVE IT CANNOT BELIEVE IT CANNOT BELIEVE IT. God, it is such a great show. You never ever ever know & when you think (I don't ever think this anymore, I have Faith) they're in a rut the tone completely whips around. Like Lloyd's tail. Like Lloyd's rotten little beggar of a tail.

Oh, so I saw Roseanne on Conan. Did you see? Her first time on & he obviously REALLY wanted to please her, & I completely appreciated that. She's not so crazy as she thinks, & any crazy she is she's mostly been driven to by sexism & leftover stuff from growing up working class, no matter how rich she is now. She looks scary & facelift-y, but whatever. She talked a ton about menopause, which sounded CUH-RA-ZY for tv but really was like normal women talking. And Co brought up the Richard Simmons incident, which I saw when her show was on & it really showed him to be such a fucking fat-woman-hating pig. I don't even know if I had a di then & if I wrote about it, but it coincided with him going on your lover Leno's show & doing some other gross thing that was about him lusting after women? I can't remember what, but I was like that fucker is clearly having some meltdown due to internalized homophobia & the easiest thing to do is take it out on women & I really wish Roseanne would've beaten the hell out of him.


lar lar lar lar lar

I haven't heard either of the 2 Tom Waits albums, but I feel like they are so clearly one for Nick & one for Lloyd. The sweet one is for Lloyd, the crazy one for Nickory the Dickory.

I hated on Dinner for Five when it was Jon Favreau, Andy Dick, Marilyn Manson, & Daryl Hannah, & someone backed out so it was dinner for 4, & Marilyn Manson at first was talking about masturbating & he actually said to Daryl "I'm not offending you am I?" & she said no & I'm not sure if that was the truth by her face, but he wasn't really offending me. It was mostly kind of funny. But THEN he talked about his stupid movie he made called Groupie that's about degrading some woman & he kept going on & on & I wish so much Daryl Hannah would've (could've) been like "Shut up fucklick you are every fucking misogynist loser ever & I won't have it" & if Favreau & Dick couldn't back her up (& back her up on the basis of Manson being gross, not on the basis of just the lady being offended) she would've gone & gotten all the Dancing at the Blue Iguana ladies & kicked his fucking ass for making that movie, talking about that movie, calling Christina Ricci fat in the press, making hideously uninspired music, & making videos that are my unavoidable mortal enemies when I'm stoned & flipping channels. Mostly Jennifer Tilly would get in the best kicks.

FYI yester at work I overheard a publisher's rep talking up new books coming from Sandra Cisneros & Zadie Smith! Novels, both.

The 2 best things I have read recently are Jamaica Kincaid's "Mr. Potter" & Carol Shields' "Unless". Do I only put quotation marks after the period if it's a quote, or do I do it for book titles too?

More info for you from my job: If you are in love with Margaret Cho like I am, check out the new Rockrgrl magazine, & the new Mother Jones. I haven't gotten around to taking them home yet, but both advertise articles by (I think by, & not about) her on their covers. I like it like that.

*perv* *next*

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