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2002-05-21 - 8:55 a.m.

I had a great birthday. I'm so tired, I can hardly hear. Thursday night I went Kosmyc bowling. That's right. You get shoes AND socks, & the socks are white & say USA & they glow. I don't know where the bowling alley gets off selling your socks, but it's Waveland Bowl so go ahead & give them a call.

That was for someone else's birthday, my friend from work. At like 1:15 though, we were in Dunkin Do & I realized it was my birthday & everyone cheered & then I was 30.

It's nice that her birthday is the day after mine, because it's been a week of celebration. It's so ridiculous, it's all been like it's a new millennium or something, one event after another with such a festive atmosphere always.

On my actual birthday suit day, Friday, I got fancy presents in the mail from fdsa, & I opened Syd's presents which include the Crue autobiography & tickets to Xena Live! Dude. Awesome. We went out for sushi & then came home & I watched my favorite musical numbers from Moulin Rouge & Hedwig.

Saturday I got home from work & Syd had made pumpkin soup & brownies & salad & it was all really good. There were ladies over & I opened presents & they were of course amazing & we went to the bar. People came to the bar who like me. Andrew was all dressed up in pants AND a shirt. Weird! I'm so used to him just showing up in bike shorts & shine.

Sunday was yet another party, with work people. It was really fun with amazing cakes. There was a lot of wrestling talk. Which, you know. Feminist bookstore. Duh. I should've known to bone up.


I did tequila shots & then all of a sudden everyone had their coats on. Um, people were doing body shots. You.

Here is what I have to say about X-Files - POOR WALTER SKINNER. God. This poor man is supposed to act as someone's lawyer in some crazy un-court that is a court & is just supposed to convince a bunch of hostile people & one hostile alien of the alien/government conspiracy on the basis of nothing but his massive sexiness???? That is a lot to ask, without even any outfit changes or opportunities to crawl around on the table in front of the jury. I loved the last shot of Muld, Scull, Skin, Dogg, & Reyes all sitting around in their underwear playing spin-the-bottle. It was so beautiful & true. The 5 of them can just create another miracle baby. Especially with the 3 Lone Gunmen ghosts watching.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to watching that Playmate special yet, but I do have it on tape & you'll be the first to know when I do.

*perv* *next*

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