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2001-11-05 - 4:41 p.m.

Mainly I like to think about trading cards. Buffy & Angel & Xena trading cards. I used to have some X-Files trading cards, but don't care so much about them. I'd buy a pack of Scully-only trading cards if I could, but don't need all that other stuff. There are cards that are rare, & I get so super excited when I get one of those. Like I got an Alti one in the Xena "Enemies" series & there's only like one Enemies card in every 8 packs so you know I am some sort of awesome to get one. Alti is my girlfriend & it means that we are meant to be together. Also the Buffy & Angel ones have fancies that are shiny. Shiny is all I really need to be happy. That & lots of Willow & Spike cards. Not necessarily together, I'm not a Willow/Spike 'shipper or anything. Not like Andrew & his Wesley/Giles club. His Anya/Fred club. His Joxer/Merle club. His Buffy/Lorne the Host club. Ha ha ha ha ha oh yeah good ones.

Anyway, yeah I love trading cards, I love opening them up & pulling out these little still representations of big moments in my life like Willow with her eyes all black after Glory brainsucked Tara, or Cordelia on her throne as the princess in Pylea, or Xena kicking ass while super preg. Send me some trading cards! Buffy Season 2 is the only season I have complete. Or better yet, send Andrew some trading cards so he can start a collection & I can have someone to actually trade with.

I just finished visiting Andrew in his nice new apartment & he is going to probably paint all the walls pink. Also lots of mirrors, everywhere, is what he has planned. AWES!

The Emmys were so boring even super stoned fast forwarding through, except it was awesome when Ellen came out in the Bjork swan dress & Sydney thought it was David Spade. So much funnier if he'd done that.

Saturday night Syd & I watched "Bound." I cannot get enough of that movie. It's so incredible, each shot looks so great & could be a poster on my wall. Then the next day I watched some of "Bride of Chucky" which is showing all the time on USA now & making me really happy. God. Do you ever love Jennifer Tilly so much that it hurts? I would give anything just to

I just sat for like five straight minutes thinking of ways to end that sentence. It was all really gross things that should make you shudder, like skinsmelling & haircaressing. Ok. Here it is: I would give anything to save her life from some vampire or something & have her completely fall in love with me & give me the job of buying her underwear or something forever. Or reading to her at night. Or massaging her feet. Whatever, dude. Any of it. Holding up her mirror. Approving her nail polish. Testing her food. Maybe I should try to write a biography of her? I'm too lazy for that. Hey - biography through collage! Would people buy that? I totally would.

Other movies I watched - The Insider, which was really good although Al's clothes were too much of their own character. And Hotel Room, some David Lynch/Barry Gifford thing for HBO that was terrible even with Alicia Witt & Crispin Glover & Harry Dean Stanton. Do not rent it just because Lynch's name is on it & you're so excited about Mulholland Falls! I did that, so you don't have to.

I just saw Britney Spears singing a ballad on Rosie O'Donnell & her voice sounded exactly like Debbie Gibson.

*perv* *next*

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