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2001-10-29 - 1:31 p.m.

Halloweinery party at Tom's was super fun. I was Endora, & Jamie says I keep the spirit of Agnes Moorehead alive. That is so NICE. Only one guy knew who I was upon sight, but everyone else said "Ohhhhh!!! Yeah!" when I said Endora. Sydney was an awesome Carrie Bradshaw, & Chris was an awesome sexy spider queen, Arachnia. She had pointy tits, & that was awesome.

I saw some movies.

Waking Life - HATED. Good lord do I hate that movie. I can't even bear to think about the 9$ & 90 minutes I gave to it. Ugh.

Open Your Eyes - I can't think of the real title in Spanish. "Vanilly Sky" is a remake of it. I keep making that typo & I'm going to leave it. I liked it. The guy's face looked like yours.

Hands on a Hard Body - Touching. I liked. Main dude's voice is most terrifying in it's gentleness. I could not be around him in real life.

Thursday I am starting a new job at the feminist bookstore in my neighborhood. The pay is for shit but man do I hate men, so I'm excited to have none as co-workers. Also I can walk to work, wear what I want, & I don't think I have to work late on Buffy or Angel night. Perfecto.

OH!!!! Here is the main thing with me lately: I wish so much that I was Pam Anderson's & Kid Rock's baby. God. I feel like I was supposed to be, like I have the totally wrong life. I think I was supposed to be their baby, & be some kind of messiah about stuff. Right? Please tell me you feel what I mean. Maybe there are 2 mes, & when she gives birth my consciousness will be split. If she births a unicorn, you will know that it's me.

*perv* *next*

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