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2001-11-08 - 10:04 a.m.

Why do people love Will Smith? I hope he does a really good job as Ali, but I really wish it was someone else. Like Michelle Rodriguez. Anyway, I just read the Playboy interview with him & I don't understand the deal. I guess people think Wild Wild West & Parents Just Don't Understand are awesome jams. And I guess Fresh Prince might be funny if I watched it & got to know the characters? Men In Black I don't really remember. I don't know. You tell me, he's the sweet nose of your heart. He talks all big like he wants to be political, & if that's true then attend a march or something. Sponsor young political filmmakers. Something. I don't know why I've always had a problem with him. Maybe he does do these things already, but just doesn't try to get any press for them. Ha ha ha.

Well, the Buffy musical. It was the greatest thing ever. Except for the Xena musicals, which were equally awesome in different ways. I'm surprised Xena is never mentioned in articles about the Buffy musical, it seems like that's why fans started talking constantly about wanting a Buffy one. Anyway, it was totally fucking amazing & if you think otherwise you should probably look for the problem within yourself. God, Tara's song? If I was in a musical, I'd hope I'd get to sing my number while getting such great head that I levitate. That was perfect.

Ok, so Buffy & Spike cancel out Angel & Darla, & no one can be mad at each other now so Buffy & Angel can get right back together like next season or something. Right?

I really hate Giles leaving. He's not in her way! God!

Nick & Lloyd keep circling me with plaintive cries of "Where do we go from here?" I don't know, weinercakies. I don't know.

*perv* *next*

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