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2001-09-18 - 10:30 a.m.

Last night I read the Drew Barrymore interview in Movieline, the one where she's on the cover. She looks super cute in the inside pics. She talks mainly about her awesome man. You know I love it when women talk mainly about their awesome men. It is fascinating conv, & I simply crave the details. In this instance, it was things like - he's a great combination of rational & sensitive. And that he bullied her into trying to mend her relationship with her mom. I remember that Drew used to find other things to talk about in interviews before she had this Thing lurking around, but I guess that's gone now. She said sometimes she's like "Stop being so smart, you!" or something horrific like that. Ugh. I would think she'd be nervous to flaunt her man-riches so openly, the rest of the world might get jealous & try to steal him away. Then again, the rest of the world would probably not want to kiss lips that have sucked a cow's teats & eaten combinations of things like Vaseline & hair. We are crazy that way. I wouldn't pick on her for dating/marrying him so much, if she didn't allow him to try really hard to ruin "Charlie's Angels", a movie that otherwise made me perfectly happy. That sucked that they did that. Ugh. The chad. I was forced to picture him so many times during that entire Florida election thing. Ugh!!!

OH!!! Also they invited her mom to spend the weekend with them & his parents, & they all watched his cancer special together & felt really proud. EWWW!!!!!! God. Way to entertain.

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