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2001-09-14 - 11:47 a.m.

Last night I saw PJ Harvey. The new album is stunning & it all sounded great live. She played old stuff, too. She had on a black dress with a wide white bottom border. It was all very swingy, & in the back had a U-shaped drape hanging down, like a fancy gown. Sometimes from the front it�d swing out to the side & look like an extension of her swingy black mane, & seem like her hair was sooo long. Like she�s Lily or Morticia. Her voice was enormous & perfect. Her movements too, she puts her arm out in the slightest beginning of a one-armed hug shape, like Tina Turner.

My new fantasy is for someone to make a movie starring PJ Harvey & Juliet Landau as very wicked sisters who are lovers. Will you do that for me? Can you imagine the costumes? They would span time together. I�m sorry Billy Brown, but they would. Maybe I just want PJ to play the Darla role on Angel, so Juliet can whisper to her with seductive wonder �Ooh, grandmother, you�re my daughter now� & all that kind of sexy stuff. PJ & Juliet are the same kind of alien-exquisite, & I want to watch them smiling dirty at each other.

Ok � the 2 topics mentioned from yesterday. Firstly, John Cusack. Making me mad. Have you seen that new romantic comedy preview? Dude. Terrible. If that�s what he�s going to do, he goes on the list with every other chump. The losah list. The to-be-avoided list. The lamers list. I never had it bad for him like I know a lot of ladies do, but still enough to feel disappointed. �Grosse Pointe Blank�? Is that the last good thing? Am I forgetting anything? Was he in �Cradle Will Rock�? I can�t rememb. Too lazy to look it up.

�You know how we do it, Dirty!� Those words ring in my ears, spoken by Ben Stiller to Puff the Magic Diddy at MTV Awards. Diddy Pot Pie. Whatever else he called him.

Ok. The Boreanaz Plan. You know the basic dilemma � I love Angel super duper a lot, & he is played by this simp who is an embarassment to watch on every talk show. Extremely embarassing. So, I always have to separate the 2 in my head & think of them as 2 different, equally alive, people. Ok Angel�s not alive-alive, but alive. The other day I realized that Boreanaz looking exactly the same as Angel is enough for me, & I would totally date him just for that & my first vision of our relationship involved a lot of muzzle/gag type of action, but think I�ve come up with something better. Every day, Boreanaz goes to work on the �Angel� set. I stay home, & script our entire interaction for the next night, with him appearing as Angel. He comes home, having memorized the script I wrote the day before, & we play it out. He�s all broody & heroic like Angel, & I don�t have to deal with his real personality at all. OR his real clothes. I tell him all the time what a great actor he is & every once in a while I let him act like himself, but only when I am stoned & can laugh really hard & pretend it�s an idiotic character Angel is playing. Sometimes I tell him to bring over his friend James Marsters to play. Marsters thinks my scriptwriting is hilarious, & we are friends. I go to the movies a lot with Marsters & Amber Benson, & Nick Brendon comes over once but says too much dumb sexist shit & Marsters physically kicks him out. Afterwards, we laugh for like an hour.

�The Others� � scared the HELL out of me. So good & creepy. Seriously. If I think about it much, I will get scared right now.

�O� � Mekhi Phifer was really good, but I�m not sure why I saw this?

P.S. I am not heartless. I would sometimes let him improv, AS ANGEL only, & I'd constantly tell him he's the young DeNiro & all that kind of thing.

*perv* *next*

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