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2001-09-23 - 4:42 p.m.

I was on the phone with my mom last night, telling her about "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof", how much I loved Maggie. When I said how great it was that she kept calling the kids 'no-neck monsters', she told me my dad used to love that too, & often referred to kids that way. That's a good thing to know. Now I wonder what other movies, or TV shows, or books, or whatever, can I bring up to my mom that will remind her of something I'll want to know about my dad? Or remind me of something I�d forgotten? I guess I have no choice but to ingest all popular culture & tell my mom about every bit of it. My poor mom, that's too much for anyone. And I refuse to watch as many Westerns as he did. Or any, really.

The anti-war/anti-racism meeting I went to the other night was really great. Except, you know, how there are always the ones. The Crazytalkers. The white dude who doesn't "see this as a racist issue at all", but does somehow see fit to announce that "it's a dangerous color our hearts turn when we hate." ??? What?

I don't have a lot of patience for that shit. Write poetry at home, debate plans of action in a political meeting.

Today I talked to Nina. She's now read "Namedropper" & it's her new favorite book. She says her favorite part is when Viva says she cannot stand people who eat apple cores. Viva's reasoning is something like "It's like saying 'Hi. I'm just too much. I'll eat your head if you let me.' "

Man I would love to talk about how one of my friends has hot parents, but I think I'd get in so much trouble.

The terrible Carrie Bradshaw hat that I wear for gaming seems to have been stolen by Janet Jackson for the MTV Video Awards. I bet she paid more than a dollar for hers. Janet Jackson doesn't look good anymore. What is it the Jacksons have against noses? I mean, it would seem to be straight-up internalized racism if they were just re-making their features to be smaller & more "white-looking". But it's beyond hating the blackness of their own noses, & has gone into hating the noseness of their noses. Who has a nose like Michael Jackson? I guess certain ghouls. The Master from Buffy, maybe. I was asking Nina, having seen the MTV Awards to please give me her best estimate of what he looks like, because I really can't put a finger on it. She thought for a second "Um........" and then offered in a bright voice "A skull in the final stages of decomposition?" Such a thoughtful answer.

I know talking about his appearance is a cheap joke, ok? I think I'd leave it alone if I could really figure out what or who he reminds me of. Maybe he has a favorite toy that he's working off of for a face? Or a comic book character?

Eew---my overhead light just dimmed. I hate that. It means The Others are here with me.

*perv* *next*

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