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2001-08-14 - 3:26 p.m.

Sydney pointed out to me that the dogbar down the street had a Help Wanted sign. This is gross to think of working side by side with dogs, but I thought maybe we could learn to ignore each other & I could have a job that takes me less than a minute to walk to. Then last night Syd was coming home & reported that the dog/wolf inside was actively luring other dogs inside. What the hell? I realized that I have nothing to be angry about regarding the dogbar. They have every right to be angry at me, as it's their territory. It's their bar, obviously. People are welcome but it's not mainly for us. I'll be staying out of dogbar. I like the idea of carryout, but do the dawgs prepare the food?

Last night I watched some 4th season Buffys & I seriously cannot believe she had to act opposite Riley. Boreanaz was pretty stiff (heh) in the beginning, but he really found the character, & he done good. Riley? My lord. That LOSAH wasted my time for a whole season, & didn't improve even a tiny bit. Poor SMG. She probably came up with Spike/Buffy storylines herself, wanting so badly to not act opposite that piece of blonde wood.

I have an exciting mention in Ida-Red's entry for today! A very sexy mention, I should say.

Nick has entered a new phase of ridiculousness. He insists upon being addressed only as King Sausage. What does that mean?

*perv* *next*

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