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2001-08-16 - 3:58 p.m.

I don't like Christian Slater much. After I forwarded Don a picture that Sydney sent me of Seth Green with the flowing mullet of fire that he sported in "Pump up the Volume", he decided to rent that movie tonight. It made me think of "Gleaming the Cube", the perfect companion piece, but I never even saw "Gleaming the Cube." Gleaming the Pube, more like. I don't know what that's all about. Funny though, right? Gleaming the pube. Rubik's Pube.

Syd & I watched that show "Dead Last" the other night, the one about the band & the ghosts. I was pretty baked, but I'm pretty sure I liked it. I don't know about Vaughn, though. His name being Vaughn & all? And I wish I liked the woman better, but maybe she'll grow on me. I decided to think of it as the adventures of the Dingoes, after Oz left the band.

Speaking of the Buffyverse, Sydney found good Buffy scoop yester (not spoilers) - did you know the woman who plays Kendra was initially cast for the part of Cordelia? So interesting. She had some other obligation & couldn't do it. Dude...you know she's sorry about that. I love Charisma Carpenter, she's been so great on "Angel", but it's interesting to think how different the character would've been, & that "Buffy" was almost not so lily-white. That would've been nice. Buffy & Faith are the only white slayers out of the 6 we've seen so far in the series (am I forgetting any?), & I like that. But still, the faces we see on the screen week after week - white as an igloo. Nice if that would've been different from the beginning.

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1. The word gay

2. Gay people

3. The suggestion or implication of you or anyone you know being gay

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