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2001-08-06 - 1:23 p.m.

Hedwig - Loved it. My makeup looks like that, 24-7.

Ghost World - Loved it. My wardrobe, 24-7. Except the yellow smiley face top.

My friend N who works in the old people's home said they all got uniforms at her work. She was refusing to wear hers because it was really ugly, & told management it didn't fit her, & that she has the right to wear clothes to work that fit. She said she'd only wear it if they'd pay for it to be tailored. They said fine, & she took it to this woman who made her fancy Halloween costume last year. Her scrubs now have a scoop neck, scalloped bottom, & cinched waist with a bow. She's only had one done so far, & it was 40$. I love it.

My hair smells so good. It's from that conditioner with the ad where they say over & over "I've got the URGE to Urkel..." & then pretend to have an orgasm in the courtroom or wherever the commercial is taking place. Awesome ad campaign, women coming to Urkel's name. I guess when you are super horny & thinking about Urkel, you can just wash your hair with their products & you feel a lot better. "Our shampoo & conditioner feels as good on your head as getting FUCKED by Urkel." That is what it all comes down to.

Also, N & I were talking about that show "Crossing Over" where you go on & somebody pretends to channel some dead person you care about, a relative or your best friend or whoever's death has driven you insane enough to even consider going on a show like that? Upsetting to both of us; I don't advocate jail for many people but people who make their livings off the scams that are religion & the occult are really scum. Maybe jail for them. Anyway, I told her Mr. Belevedere died & asked if she's upset & she said "Yeah. I'm gonna go on "Crossing Over." We laughed really hard but then decided we're going to get a Ouija board & see if Buffy or Xena will talk to us.

Maybe I will write a country song about those 2 ladies kickin' ass in heaven?

*perv* *next*

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