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2001-08-07 - 2:50 p.m.

I still don't know if I'll take Boing's advice & stop watching Sex & the City what with the Samantha factor still being pretty exciting to me, but it's looking much more likely. After all my defense of the show, Miranda is having a baby? That's gross. That's really, really, really gross. There are enough shows with women doing that traditional shit. I want to watch drinking & fucking. God.

I forgot to mention that Syd saw Silv, in NYC. As in, Silvio Dante. Steven Van Zandt. He was wearing his normal type of gear, & looked "really, really tired." I said, upon hearing this, "BECAUSE IT WAS LATE AT NIGHT." She just said ok. But I know that wasn't the kind of tired she meant. Anyway, she didn't talk to him or anything & it's just as well since he was probably jealous that her many scarves were more sequinny & fringey. Imagine going to his own bar & trying to outdo him. That'd be so mean. Wearing huger hoop earrings & being even more hunched over than him, like a walking question mark, & maybe wearing a shirt that says ULTIMATE GYPSY. Andrew?

Last night I watched "Hearts of Darkness", the documentary on the making of "Apocalypse Now." Um. Brando swallows a bug like no actor before him ever swallowed a bug. You know what I'm saying? He makes it kind of SEXY. The bug-swallowin'. Big, bad bug-swallower. I like how Coppola didn't know how to finish the movie, so he just kept filming stuff, & letting Brando & Sheen improvise. I wish that's how West Wing was filmed. Or like the beginning scene, where Sheen was apparently just really drunk. I would be all over the West Wing if it was just people getting bloody & drunk. That's good times.

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