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2001-08-01 - 3:40 p.m.

Last night I saw "Apocalypse Now Redux", at a benefit for the Chicago International Film Festival, which if I've never told you before is one of my very, very favorite things about Chicago. I'd never seen the film before. Isn't that weird? I always knew I should see it, but never got around to it. It was completely stunning. I could not believe it, it was incredible & I can't wait to rent "Hearts of Darkness." I could go on for a long time about it, but probably everyone else but me has seen it a million years ago. Except Barnger over there, busy watching Gene Wilder classics time & time again.

I made friends with someone at my work & we tried to go for sushi on our lunch hour. Even after he told me some commercial with a bulldog humping some guy's leg, "going at it FULL BLAST", reminded him of me; I was still willing to go to lunch. For Andrew's sake I should clarify we were just going for sushi, not "going for sushi". Anyway the place was closed & it felt like a punishment. Why would the owners of the sushi place punish me? Because when I go in there by myself, I eat totally hunched over & not that much like a human? Lots of people do that. Probably Tom Arnold & Jim Belushi do that. Who isn't charmed by a woman who takes her social cues from those fine gents?

I just called Chicago Comics & Fray is in! I AM SO THERE.

Have you seen the Munster Barbies? I love them. They are selling on Ebay as a set with the Addams Family Barbies, or they were a while ago. Yes, please. Thank you, please. For me, please. Would you do Fred Gwynne? I think I need to make a new poll, right now.

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