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2001-07-27 - 2:56 p.m.

Last night I stopped at the feminist bookstore in my neighborhood on the way home from work. Everything was 20% off & I got that Nickel & Dimed book, or whatever it's called. I'm pretty excited about it. It was the 2nd time in like 10 days that I've gone in there & realized there was a tiny dog in there. I told Nina on the phone today that it could fit in the palm of her hand, or something else it could do because it's so tiny. I don't remember. She said all angrily "GROSS do not say another place that it could fit or thing that it could do." So I told her it's the perfect size to fill a sandwich. Anyway, I hate a dog in a bookstore. It makes me angry & keeps me entirely from whatever section it's near. & I realized it's the store owner's dog, so it'll probably be there all the time. No. Me. LIKEY.

So, I got home & sat down with Syd for a while & smoked a bowl. We were pretty excited to go to this bar that finally re-opened on our block, because they serve food & it is sooo close, & we'd never been there yet. We got high, Sydney changed out of her insane costume of many colors (I don't like Xmas colors together or American flag colors together & incredibly she managed to be wearing all those colors at once when I got home from work - plus yellow & brown) & we walked over to the bar. It's so close, the food was awesome, it was cheap, & I don't think I can ever ever ever go in there again. Um, it's a dog bar. Yep. Although technically, it might be a wolf bar, since one of those dags was at least part wolf. I hated them. One touched it's nose to Sydney's leg, & brushed the bottom of my flip flop. Ugh. It was big like a bear. It was a bear bar. And not the good kind. So, no 10 feet from my doorstep bar for me. Sucks. Sucks weiners. Sucks weinerdawgs.

Andrew had an idea for a weinerdawg bar, where everything is super low. Yuck. All the couches would be shaped like hot dog buns for them. Yuck.

Too many goddamned dogs! Tonight all the dumb dudes (Andrew's favorite song) will be out seeing "Planet of the Apes." Some people like monkeys. Did you know? Did you know that at all? Some people LIKE them. Tim Burton knows better. He keeps talking in interviews about how scary they are. Why he had to make a movie with them to find this out, I will never know. Dudes are dumb. Have you ever caught the eye of a monkey at the zoo? They thrust these fake premonitions into your head, where you see them breaking the glass & hunting you down all Steve Irwin style. It seems so real. Once I got too high before watching "Freaks" & I freaked out & the only way I could think of to describe it to Sydney was that there was not enough distance between me & the one dude. There wasn't the normal distance where I know I'm me & he's him & we're not the same. And that is what a monkey will do to you with it's eye. OR WITH IT'S OTHER PARTS THAT YOU MAY MISTAKENLY LOOK STRAIGHT AT IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING AND I THINK YOU DO.

Wow, I thought I didn't have anything to say. & I was pretty right on.

Here is the thing: it tears me up that Phoolan Devi was killed & I can't really talk about it or write about it. I couldn't even deal with finding a good link for the pita page. Ugh. I hate men with each & every part of me.

*perv* *next*

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