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2001-07-26 - 12:47 p.m.

I had a lovely vacation with the fam & the friends. Detroit is always super fun. More than one of my friends were able to discuss multiple eps of Fear Factor, leading me to think that some people I know are in dire need of cable. Deborah's detailed description of the white, multi-legged, biting worms that people had to eat did not make me very happy. Can I not have to eat worms ever? Please? I think that watching people eat worms on TV makes it seem more acceptable, & this is not ok with me. I asked 2 of my friends if they'd eat a worm or go on tour as a Red Hot Chili Pepper for a year, & I got 2 wormeating answers. No? No. No no no no no. I hate Flea & Keidis as much as you do, but eating worms should never be a real option.

Whatever. Maybe I shouldn't be so judgemental. I guess one woman's worm is one woman's tiramisu. Does that sound good for a saying? One woman's white multi-legged worm is one woman's TGIFriday's BBQ wings. That sounds good for a fortune cookie saying. Kind of pretty.

Movies I saw while I was away:

O Brother, Where Art Thou - They should've had smell-o-vision. We could've smelled Clooney's pomade, & Tim Blake Nelson's face.

You Can Count On Me - I could totally hang out with that dude.

Something About Mary - I realized for the first time that that dude in the beginning with the long frizzy hair & denim jacket is Stanford from Sex & the City.

Psycho Beach Party - The main girl is super hot, that girl from Can't Hardly Wait & 6 Feet Under. This was a very, very long 90 minute movie.

The Opportunist - Walken is not crazy in it. Cyndi Lauper's hardly in it, but when she is she's sooo pretty.

The Gift - Keanu was strangely good in his role.

The Outsiders - Nothing gold can stay.

Sexy Beast - NEVER ENUFF!!!

*perv* *next*

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