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2001-07-06 - 12:43 p.m.

Last night Syd & I were watching an ep of "Angel", where he comes crashing through the window to save someone. Now I can't remember who (please don't tell a soul, but I was pretty stoned). Anyway, I thought about how that is one of my favorite saves that my TV boyfriends & girlfriends do. Just flying through the window & kicking ass like it's nothing. Angel has done it before, once it was embarassing because he thought a woman was being attacked who wasn't. He later mentioned how expensive the window was. Both Michael & Nikita have come through windows kickin' ass. Michael to save Nikita, & I remember him as coming from up really high, totally superhero-ish. Love it. And one of my favorite leaps through the window was when Faith was torturing Buffy's mom Joyce, saying how Buffy would never know she was there & was too distracted to even check on her. When it really seems like something bad will happen to Joyce, & that what Faith is saying is really resonating with how Buffy has been since she's left home for college, Buffy comes flying through the window like an animal. Which is exactly how ferocious & instinctive her loyalty is. The other rescues are all super sexy & incredible, but the Buffy/Joyce one is so moving. It always makes me tear up.

If you ever have to rescue me, don't come through the door.

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