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2001-06-22 - 5:03 p.m.

2 things - To the person who signed the guestbook asking where to get a Buffy Hush doll (Andrew? Don?), you can go to Buffystore.com, or you can check Ebay which is how I got mine, or I've also seen them at Tower Records. There are 3 Gentlemen dolls, too, that go with her. They're pretty amazing. Her face looks really, really good unlike those jokes they first came out with & called dolls. I was so offended by that shit. And secondly, please do my poll on the left. I'll try to change it up (you put the lime in the coconut...) & I'll for SURE change which one I'm using soon, I promise I did not know about the teddy bears. I mean, the FUCKWADS. That's what I call teddy bears, because I am tuff. Bye bye fuckies

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