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2001-06-26 - 9:01 a.m.

Tonight, Brian Austin Green joins the cast of Resurrection Blvd. as "intriguing loner Luke." Ugh!! Revolting boner, more like. I hope his character dies of an assbite.

Syd & I went to see Steve Earle & Michael Ondaatje read Friday night at the Old Town School of Folk Music. It's a really nice place, but they have some kind of anti-ugly people seating policy. Syd & I bought our tickets at the same time, but she got to be on the ground floor, & I ended up in the balcony. I guess they don't want to hurt the performers' eyes? I can understand that. I guess it's nicer than handing me a veil. Hey --- what happened to "Everyone in veils!"? Went the way of the tiaro, I guess. Anyway, I'm excited to read Steve Earle's book. The only story he read in it's entirety was one about being an addict. It was pretty fucking incredible. Michael Ondaatje was really charming & funny, & hearing him read from his books made them sound all different. Hearing him read some of his poems aloud made them sound more accessible to me, & really lively. So that was a good reading.

Afterwards while looking for a place to eat, we stopped in at Quake. I hadn't been there in forever, & they have so many good toys. It was weird though, big bins of action figures & only a few ladies, only one Catwoman that I saw anywhere...after we left Syd said "It's so obviously a place run by a bunch of dudes." Man, how true. I want a toy store with all the heroines & villainess action figures & dolls. They're a million times better.

The ending of Xena made me want to kill myself. I do not accept it. What if I write the ending I want & get Cecil B. Demented to make it. He'd be totally persuasive with Lucy & Renee, I think.

I told my work yesterday that I'm leaving end of August. Anyone wanna give me a job?

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