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2001-03-09 - 21:23:52

I understand that there are about 10 million people out there dying to know about Gimme Shelter, & the bacon. I'm sorry to be such a tease. I'll tell you everything you need to know right....NOW!

Ok except first I have to tell you that last night Kathy Griffin was on Stern, & I totally love her even though I never watch her show, & he was asking her about dating some member of nsync (Sorry I don't know about their punctuation or spacing or what crazy business goes on like that). She was saying stuff about it, & in the middle of the story she mentioned that at the Billboard awards or some awards show, Brian Austin Green BIT HER ON THE ASS. She then repeated for good measure "He bit me on the ass, so that it left welts." Ok, no? Firstly, he shouldn't have been there. Secondly, ok, wait I'm starting over. Firstly, he shouldn't be. Secondly, he shouldn't be at any celeb functions. Thirdly, the fact that he isn't GRATEFUL enough for whatever hundred dollar bill, handjob, lost ticket, or confused new 16 year old model date granted him passage into this celeb event, & feels he has to violently assault women who are there, makes me feel like his name & face need to be on Wanted posters all over Hollywood until someone hauls his rank, stubbled, Sliver (tm Dan Drennan) of a carcass to whatever corner of hell currently holds the last few crumbles of the Peach Pit, and buries it next to Ian Ziering. The crumbles of Peach Pit that didn't go for a billion dollars on Ebay, that is. People are crazy, dude. I sincerely hope Kathy Griffin has her day to humiliate & hurt that stupid, stupid bitch David Silver, & I hope it happens in a stadium with a roaring crowd who've just burned all his albums in a big bonfire. Those are ALSO available on Ebay. Gross.

Ok. So, Syd & I watched Gimme Shelter. I'd never seen before, & it freaked me out. I had no idea. I grew up always hearing about Altamont, & I didn't know they had THAT graphic of footage. It was an incredible movie. It moved along so quickly, it's like it had a rapid current & it was going towards something you know would be so bad. I didn't know I'd actually see what I saw though. There weren't a lot of black people there so I'd notice & think about them when there were, it's always interesting to know how integrated different kinds of concerts in different times & places are. And I noticed the dude in the green suit. I decided I liked him, he was super fancy in the suit & a black ruffled shirt & just looked really good. And, then he was dead. It was completely fucked up & shocking. So was seeing all the naked people & people who were super, super wasted. Like, out of their heads. I was so scared when I saw naked women running around. So scared for them. I don't know. I should have stuff to say about Mick & the others' reactions to the footage, but mostly I just can't believe the crowd footage I saw. I can't believe the murder. That's all.

Ok, the thing about the bacon is just that it's been on the stairs in my office building for --- 2 days now? I think it's been 2 days. And I want to eat it. It looks like it's cooked just right. I'm going to go look at it.

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