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2001-03-08 - 20:21:02

The new Playboy has a kickass Metallica interview. What would you want out of a Metallica interview? You'd want to get a sense of what it'd be like to party with them. You get a pretty good idea here. They all meet with the interviewer separately. James is redneck-y which would be totally cool & he'd laugh loud & hard & you'd have fun at his house in the woods & think he was great until he said something homophobic. Which he would. Lars is a pain in the ass who is SO PROUD that he's "smarter" than James & KNOWS not to be a 'phobe but it's all wrapped up in his richboy artlovin' pretension. Be as pretentious as you want Lars, you still have a mullet. The subject of mulletude is broached in the interview, & Lars speaks like it's in the past. Um...ok, then brush whatever that is off your neck. Kirk reads Eastern philosophy & stuff. Has proudly never hit another band member. Jason is OUTTA THERE. They all insulted each other separately, to the interviewer. Metallica reminds me, in many ways, of the classic lovers Taheed & Ytossi. I think you see what I'm saying.

I have to write later about Gimme Shelter. And the bacon.

*perv* *next*

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