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2001-03-12 - 21:27:39

Margaret Cho is super dreamy. She had on those kind of jeans that only skinny celebs wear, where there is just not that much material from the crotch place to the belt place, & of course the belly shows when you stretch at all & your Harley shirt goes up. If you are Margaret Cho that is, because that's the shirt she wore. And her hair is really long, & she had on a long black leather coat. She was soooo funny. She did all new material, & only is doing a few club dates like the one I saw, & therefore everyone there was super special. Except I think maybe everyone else was special in that other way aka retardation because they laughed hysterically at the first 2 comedians, who were terrible. God. TERRIBLE. Formulaic & offensive. Stupids. The only funny thing about the dude who travels around with Margaret opening for her was when he did the half sitting/half lying posture that Keith Richards has in every interview. Then he talked like Keith, all mumbles & trailing off into abrupt, barking laughs. This is funny to me because Keith is so amazing, but does this dude think I don't know that Mike Myers did this YEARS ago on SNL? If so, this dude underestimates me. Not so wise, Mister dude. Not wise a'tall. I don't want to tell stuff Margaret talked about, because I don't want to ruin it when it eventually is....ANOTHER CONCERT FILM!!! Exciting. It was all about sex, though. Heh heh HEH!

Yesterday I saw "Traffic." Benicio del Toro is my LIFE. My life. Understand? I am going to move into the area under his eyes. It's where I beLONG. And if you can't hang with that, then you my friend just cannot hang.

I don't know.

If you haven't read the Jack Tripper/Threes Company news, you have GOT to. Email me. NO - go to my pita page which is linked on the left. I am going there RIGHT NOW to add a link about arguably the most important news story of the century.

*perv* *next*

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